Dear Colleagues,
On behalf of the organizing committee we would like to welcome you to the 8th Annual International Conference of the Baltic Society of Regional Anaesthesia. This event gathering regional anaesthesia enthusiasts from all the Baltic States has developed into a nice tradition since 2015 and keeps attracting more and more participants each year delivering the very best knowledge in the field of regional anaesthesia techniques.

This year conference will be held in the very center of Lithuania – homeastead “Karpynė”.
Held in alliance with Kaunas ECHO, a well-established traditional Lithuanian school of ultrasound founded in 2012 and Lithuanian Society of anaesthesiologists and reanimatologists this three-day conference will cover not only the most recent regional anaesthesia aspects and innovations but also rapid ultrasound diagnostic protocols. First day is dedicated specially for residents in anaesthesiogy and intensive care to practice in basics of ultrasound. During second day highly experienced lecturers will guide you through various diagnostic details of trauma, sepsis and hemodynamic compromises when ultrasound can be of a great use. Third day will be dedicated to the novelties of regional anaesthesia, majority of which are not so widely used in our daily practice. Lecturers from all the Baltic States are looking forward to deliver their best knowledge and practical tips.

We highly encourage not to miss the chance to actively participate in abstract session, explore sponsors’ exhibition and enjoy a glass of refreshing drink during welcome reception.

We sincerely invite you to come, meet your colleagues, learn and share experiences!

Looking forward to meeting you in Karpynė – Lithuanian spirit of summer and holiday!

Organizing Committee